This Week in Sports — 9/6

By Nikhil Mandava

The Dallas Stars — NHL

This week in sports seemed to be very ordinary in many sports leagues. The NHL(National Hockey League), NBA(National Basketball Association) advanced further into their respective playoffs. The MLB(Major League Baseball) went along with their 60 game season. The NFL(National Football League) progressed with their offseason program, which looks different than years past. In the world of soccer, there was one event that occurred that caused many fans to inquire about the news.

The news that caught the eye of many soccer supporters was Lionel Messi, potentially leaving his club team, FC Barcelona(Barca), searching for another club. Many fans curiously awaited his final decision if he would switch teams or remain with Barca. A few days ago, Messi announced that he would stay with Barcelona for at least one more season. Many Barca supporters let out a deep breath, for their uncertainty of the future was finally clear.

In football, all the NFL teams concluded training camp this week and began practices as the NFL season was looming on the horizon. All groups had to cut their teams down to 53 for the active-player roster. With a modified offseason training program that did not include a preseason, it was challenging for undrafted rookies and journeymen to make the team. This week saw many of these players get cut or released.

Many fans deeply await the NFL season’s return, which is slated for Thursday. The defending Superbowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, take on the Houston Texans, which is primed to be a great showdown of two great clubs, the other NFL teams, however, are scheduled to play on Sunday.

As of Monday, September 8th, most MLB teams have 20 games left. Many teams eyeing the playoffs made some move at the trade deadline a few days ago to push at a playoff spot.

The NHL officially concluded the second round of their playoff format this week. The Dallas Stars and The Vegas Golden Knights are scheduled to face each other, and the New York Islanders and the Tampa Bay Lightning go up in the Eastern Conference Finals. Many fans of the San Jose Sharks, a team that did not make the playoffs, look at the Stars and Golden Knights matchup with despair as their former captain, now in Dallas, and former coach, now in Vegas, face off against each other.

Last but not least, the NBA playoffs are starting; it’s the second round of the playoffs. Many NBA fans closely followed many exciting storylines. In the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers, currently, both teams are equally managed, but last night the Lakers beat the Rockets, 112–102

Another storyline is the Milwaukee Bucks, the number 1 seed, going down 4–1 to the Miami Heat, the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference. Many analysts believed the Bucks would beat the Heat, but Giannis Antetokounmpo, their star player went down in the 4th game with an ankle sprain. Now that their season’s over its likely he might leave in the free agency or be offered a supermax deal which can go up to $40 million a year.

Another matchup is also happening in the East, as OG Anunoby, a Toronto player, hit a game-winner in his second-round matchup against the Boston Celtics. This shot was vital to the Raptors season as it saved them from putting themselves into a situation where they are down 3–0 in the series.

It will be fascinating to monitor what occurs in soccer, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL in the next few weeks.



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